Message from management“To provide high degree of comfort and efficiency to building owners through our services”

With this corporate philosophy built in across our company since its foundation, we have successfully developed our business for over fifty years.

In providing a professional building maintenance service, we are committed to make full use of technologies and ideas to fulfill various requirements of our clients. We believe that it is vitally important in our business for us to earn and build up an ultimate trust over the years with our clients as well as the community related to the client’s property. Like legal compliance becoming one of the most important issues in corporate management in recent years, we believe that it is vitally important for us in our business to ensure a highest attainable quality in the services we provide and to ensure high degree of security and comfort for our clients. We also believe that it is one of the most important missions for us to fully comply with and fulfill with environmental requirements and information safety requirements.

As of March 2015, I have assumed the position of Representative Director of Sankyo Birumen KK succeeding the founder, Masaru Yamaguchi. Along with the development of the industries and the society, requirements for building maintenance service business has became more sophisticated and diversified. It is our great challenge to navigate ourselves to the changing requirements and upgrade our services as well as create new services to match with those changes fully utilizing and combining the most advanced technologies and ideas with our experience accumulated over years. With a thought of “Every day is a new day” in mind, I will ensure that our daily corporate activity will be full of integrity. And through such activity, I am committed to further strengthening and broadening the relations and trusts my predecessor has built over years.

Hirokazu Yamaguchi
President and Representative Director